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L'ATELIERO Brand Video Preview

The Atelier of Beautiful Fragrances


Our name might give it away: We are a Atelier Olfaktiv – a workshop for fragrances and perfumes. But who are the people behind L’ATELIERO and what is the philosophy behind the brand and its creations?

The story of a passion for fragrances

L’ATELIERO is us: The married couple Aurelia and Rudi Bedy from the Black Forest, Germany – and fragrances are our life. On many journeys around the world we have got to know and love countless worlds of fragrances and the people behind them. It was this overwhelming diversity that made us take the step and create our own fragrances. L’ATELIERO was born. Under the motto „Craving for it.“ we live our dream and develop perfumes that people long for and in which they find themselves with all their facets.

A journey into the world of fragrances

The sense of smell is one of our most important senses. And just like music, thoughts or images, fragrances are able to turn a grey day into a colourful spectacle. It is this power of scents and perfumes that fascinates us every day anew. This is why we strive to create scent compositions that evoke moving emotions, prolong beautiful moments and bring back happy memories that have been invisible for far too long.

Unique and with confidence

With our perfumes we want to underline the lifestyle and personality of our customers and emphasise certain facets in a subtle but perceptible way. Because we are convinced: The way you are, you are wonderful and unique. Fragrances from L’ATELIERO underline your individual beauty and make a statement of unconceited self-love and acceptance: That’s who I am and that’s how I feel good.

The right fragrance for every moment

As perfume enthusiasts, we know how important the right fragrance is for the different moments and situations in life. Fragrances not only underline moments and situations – but even more so their own personality. That’s why they should be carefully selected with exactly these thoughts in mind.

We put our heart and soul into the composition of our perfumes for men and women – we want you to rediscover your life, but also your desires, dreams and aspirations in a fragrance from L’ATELIERO and tell yourself: this is exactly who I am. Because it is only with you that our perfumes come to life and can unfold their alluring power. A power that you will always crave for.

Only the best – and nothing else

To ensure that you can enjoy our fragrance creations for as long as possible, they contain only the highest quality ingredients. We personally ensure that the composition is as pure as possible and that no unnecessary additives such as dyes are used.

Longer than just for a moment

A fragrance that starts like a firework but fades away just as quickly robs its wearer of the indescribable joy of being able to enjoy and feel it all day long and lose oneself in its world. That is why our perfumes consistently contain over 25% perfume oils. This means that the fragrances can be perceived longer and more intensely. So you can be sure that even after a long day, neither you nor your sensual companion from L’ATELIERO will have lost any of their radiance.

We, Aurelia, Rudi and the entire team at L’ATELIERO are very much looking forward to continuing our journey through the wonderful world of fragrances with the perfume creations of L’ATELIERO together with you. With every new experience we have, a new nuance is added. And we hope that you will enjoy wearing our perfumes as much as we enjoyed creating them.

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