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Are you the sweet girl who turns everyone's head? The confident queen who does what she wants? The cute, playful one with the fascinating charisma? The well-travelled gentlewoman with a passion for the sea and luxury? Or the rebel who is addictive? Find out: With our perfumes for women!

Belle Mademoiselle

Belle Mademoiselle is characterised by slightly sweet vanilla notes. Subtle memories of candyfloss and marshmallows come to mind. A refreshing lemon grass blends into the sweetness, before a second pair of fragrances, related in character, rounds off this composition with praline and pear. True beauty for the senses.

The Queen

A queen leads without many words. Her presence is enough. L’ATELIERO The Queen presents itself just as subtly and yet clearly. Fresh nuances of lemon, jasmine and orange blossom float on a powerful base of raspberry and honey notes. A creation befitting a true queen.

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Furry Attraction"}]}

Furry Attraction is light as a powder and smells warm, elegant yet seductive. Its floral aromas of peony and spring-fresh freesia harmonise elegantly with fruity lychee, giving this perfume a first-class radiance and irresistible freshness. For moments full of attraction.

Jasmine Dream

The unique feel-good blossoms of jasmine in L’ATELIERO’s Jasmine Dream act like an enchanting aphrodisiac. And the warm, woody cashmere notes gently embrace you so that you can let yourself fall in them. A true dream of a fragrance.

Innocent Addiction

The overture by L’ATELIERO Innocent Addiction is a lively orange breeze. The senses are awake and ready for floating, sensual notes of jasmine and rose before the timeless elegance of patchouli and the exotic freshness of vetiver lend body and character to the perfume. You will not be able to resist the desire.