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Irresistible and a source of inspiring ideas? Are you provocative, charismatic and a charmer? A confident painter with life as a canvas? Or maybe a well-traveled explorer for whom losing is a foreign concept? Find out with our perfumes for men.

Irresistible Man

Irresistible Man delights in the first notes with the freshness and energy of mint. The familiar lavender has a balancing and calming effect, before velvety soft vanilla aromas sensually round off the fragrance. Irresistible in every nuance.

Le Provocateur

Le Provocateur underlines your unique charisma with a charismatic base of cinnamon and spices. Tangerine, mint and grapefruit inspire with their unagitated freshness. Leather, amber and rose blend in harmoniously and round off this provocative and charming composition.

The One

On a base of breathtaking maritime notes, you feel fresh and lightly floral jasmine. Warm notes such as patchouli, guava wood and laurel give the fragrance a alluring character and lasting presence.


This fresh, fruity and spicy fragrance is initially dominated by musk and pineapple. It is then followed by tart and fresh aromas such as birch and currant, before the perfume is completed by the classic combination of bergamot and lemon.

Urban Leather

Urban Leather develops its power from an earthy and powerful base of leather, white musk and amber. This is initially harmonises with fine nuances of raspberry, cedar and sandalwood. After the first impression, the senses perceive a fine composition of jasmine, vanilla and rose, before balanced notes of wild herbs characteristically round off this fresh and natural fragrance. From the first spray, Urban Leather not only blends seamlessly into your style – the fragrance enhances your aura and is sure to open more than one door along your path.