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Handmade scented candle - 150 g

Immerse yourself in the exotic world of golden sunsets and delicious scents of pineapple, tonka bean and banana with "Tropicana". Escape from everyday life and let your imagination wander freely in a fairytale oasis.

  • Handcrafted in our Atelier
  • Intense and unique scent
  • Main scent notes: pineapple, banana, orange and tonka bean
  • 100% soy and beeswax and cotton wick
  • Elegant packaging, for you or as a gift
  • Up to 35 hours burn time
  • 15% voucher for free with every order.

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Tropicana Duftkerze
Tropicana Sale price€39,95
Tropicana Duftkerze



A symphony of nature's finest elements - Tropicana

Close your eyes and let Tropicana transport you to a remote tropical location where golden sunsets kiss the sky and playful waves gently touch the shore. The scents of ripe pineapple, tonka bean and banana create an enchanting aura. Breathe in the aromas and let your imagination wander in this fairytale oasis, where time takes playful detours and worries become whispered secrets.

Natural and pure candles, carefully cast by artisans in our Atelier. Combining exclusive fragrance oils with a blend of 100% soy wax and beeswax as well as specially treated cotton wicks, our candles are a testament to our commitment to quality. Free of paraffin and phthalates, our candles radiate pure essence and light. Experience the art of nature carefully curated for your sensual pleasure.

Delights your senses


Oranges - Davana

Pineapple - Banana

Tonka bean - Vanilla