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Handmade Luxury Scented Candles

The collection

Our scented candle collection takes you into carefully created worlds: 'Verdura' unleashes the freshness of a Mediterranean garden, 'Harmonia' envelops you with harmonious forest notes, 'Tropicana' takes you to a tropical oasis, while 'Delicia' immerses the senses with chocolatey aromas a picturesque Swiss village – an olfactory adventure for discerning connoisseurs.


Immerse yourself in the enchanted forest of “Harmonia”, where ancient trees exude the intoxicating scent of warm sandalwood. Carnations and ylang-ylang flowers dance in joyful harmony as the gentle, magical sunlight filters through the forest realm. Here, among the centuries-old trees, the candle unfolds its unique aromas and weaves a story of unity with nature that enchants and enchants.


“Verdura” takes you to a hidden Mediterranean paradise, where sun-drenched coastlines lovingly embrace lush gardens. Imagine vibrant greenery and the scent of tomato leaves, vetiver and galbanum in the air. A gentle breeze, enchanted with musk, breathes a timeless magic into every moment - a fairy tale in the sweet embrace of nature.


Close your eyes and let Tropicana transport you to a remote tropical location where golden sunsets kiss the sky and playful waves gently touch the shore. The scents of ripe pineapple, tonka bean and banana create an enchanting aura. Breathe in the aromas and let your imagination wander in this fairytale oasis, where time takes playful detours and worries become whispered secrets.


“Delicia” invites you to a picturesque Swiss village in snow-capped mountains. A quaint shop with centuries-old beams is filled with delicious scents of chocolate, pralines, tonka beans and white chocolate. It is a fairytale dance of pleasures where every candle flame tells stories of luxury and warmth, and life's sweetest pleasures become enchanting dreams.