The Queen und Urban Leather - The perfect Fragrance pair

Fragrances that will awaken sensations of desire.

All L’ATELIERO fragrances are made with carefully selected ingredients. The composition of our perfume creations is based on how different fragrances are perceived by people and the emotions they evoke. Based on this, we create perfumes that radiate the most diverse personalities and lifestyles in their yearning power.

Which L’ATELIERO fragrance will you find yourself in?

Perfumes for Women

Gently sweet vanilla sensations. Subtle memories of candyfloss and marshmallows come to mind. Refreshing lemongrass, with praline and pear complete the experience. Beauty for the senses.

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Furry Attraction Parfum

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Perfumes for Men

Irresistible Man inspires with the freshness and energy of mint in the first notes. The familiar lavender has a balancing and calming effect, before velvety soft vanilla aromas round off the fragrance sensually.

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Irresistible Man Parfum

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