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L'ATELIERO Clubby Charming

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All L’ATELIERO fragrances are made with carefully selected ingredients. The composition of our perfume creations is based on how different fragrances are perceived by people and the emotions they evoke. Based on this, we create perfumes that radiate the most diverse personalities and lifestyles in their yearning power.

Which L’ATELIERO fragrance will you find yourself in?

Belle Mademoiselle

Gently sweet vanilla sensations. Subtle memories of candyfloss and marshmallows come to mind. Refreshing lemongrass, with praline and pear complete the experience. Beauty for the senses.

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Belle Mademoiselle Parfum
Irresistible Man Parfum Herren

Irresistible Man

Irresistible Man inspires with the freshness and energy of mint in the first notes. The familiar lavender has a balancing and calming effect, before velvety soft vanilla aromas round off the fragrance sensually.

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At L’ATELIERO, you’ll find perfumes that will impress you from the first spray. We have composed our fragrances to suit your lifestyle and to enhance your personality in all its wonderful facets. You will long for your scent from L’ATELIERO – as will the people you meet. You can indulge yourself in our fragrances, they wrap your soul like a gentle blanket of chilled silk. To make you feel good for as long as possible with our exclusive fragrance creations, they contain the highest quality perfume oils. That’s why they can be called “Extrait De Parfum” – and you can enjoy their unique and irresistible character all day long. Discover your favourite fragrance now.

In the case of perfumes, a distinction is also made between niche perfumes and luxury perfumes on the basis of the concentration ratio of water, alcohol and fragrance oils. This mixing ratio determines three things:

  • How long the fragrance lasts.
  • How intense it smells.
  • How the different scents are perceived by the wearer and the environment.

Extrait de Parfum

Extrait de Parfum and Essence de Parfum stand for the highest quality and highest concentration of fragrance available on the market. They contain perfume oils in a concentration of 20% or more and are therefore particularly intense and long-lasting. The smell is of a strong, harmonious and rich consistency. At L’ATELIERO, we offer our perfumes in a concentration of over 25% of high quality perfume oil. This concentration of perfume oil is usually found in niche brands and luxury brands.

Eau de Parfum

The eau de parfum is less intense than the extract de Parfum. The fragrance concentration of an eau de parfum is in most cases around 14%, but there are exceptions where the concentration of perfume oils can reach up to 17%. The intensity and duration of perception of an eau de parfum is in the middle range. This type of perfume is found in well-known, slightly more expensive brands.

Eau de toilette

An eau de toilette is very light. The focus here is on the top notes of the fragrance and the first perception after application. The top notes of an eau de toilette are usually fresh and immediately after application a great experience for our sense of smell. However, they don’t last long – the intensity diminishes quickly. With a fragrance concentration of up to 10%, Eau de Toilette is a cheaper alternative to Eau de Parfum or Extrait de Parfum of the same fragrance.

Eau de Cologne

The Eau de Cologne is very fresh and focuses strongly on light citrus or orange notes. The life of the fragrance after spraying is very short and is seen by the wearer as more of a refreshing intermezzo. With Eau de Cologne, the concentration of fragrance oils is a maximum of 5%.

That’s why the fragrances of L’ATELIERO Extrait de Parfum

When we developed our fragrances according to certain lifestyles, one of the most important questions was how intense and how long the fragrances should radiate. Since we ourselves love olfactory pleasures more than anything else, we thought about how a perfume should be so that we couldn’t get enough of it. Because just like other perfume lovers, we are always happy to be able to perceive loved fragrances several times during the day. And this joy is not long enough with Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette and also with Eau de Parfum. That’s why we have chosen Extrait de Parfum – and with it high perfume oil concentrations that are best suited to our various fragrances. And the result has confirmed us in this decision: L’ATELIERO perfumes are long-lasting, radiant, lively and intense.

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