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Welchen Duft von L’ATELIERO mögen Frauen?

Which fragrance from L'ATELIERO do women like?

The women's fragrances from L'ATELIERO not only emphasize different feminine characters. They also fit perfectly with the different lifestyles and everyday moments of their wearers. And it is only on your body that our perfumes unfold their power - a power that you and the people around you will long for every day.

The L'ATELIERO perfumes for women and their personalities

Belle Mademoiselle is a warm and sensual-sweet perfume with scents such as vanilla, praline and pear. If this exclusive and intense fragrance from the L'ATELIERO collection were a woman, she would turn heads on the street with a light floral dress, subtle, natural make-up and an innocent smile on her lips. Anyone who wears Belle Mademoiselle is free, happy and knows: life is there to be enjoyed to the fullest and with the joy of the moment. -> Click here for the perfume

Furry Attraction pampers you with fruity-floral notes such as lychee, rose and freesia. With this powdery, warm perfume you will almost automatically be the life of the party and will definitely not go unnoticed. How else could it be? The woman who wears L'ATELIERO Furry Attraction is stylish, charms the world around her with her indescribably lovely smile and is admired not only by her numerous friends for her special lifestyle. -> Click here for the perfume

The Queen enchants with warm and sensual oriental notes . The base of raspberry, jasmine and honey makes this perfume something special - and when lemon, jasmine and orange blossom unfold their fresh aromas, the world is your oyster. Just like its wearer, this fragrance is self-confident, irresistible and deeply beautiful. When we composed The Queen, we had in mind a woman with the aura of a queen. A woman who knows what she wants and doesn't follow anyone but her own instincts. -> Click here for the perfume

Jasmine Dream is a blue, warm and floral fragrance world that delights with jasmine, amber and woody notes. The perfume embodies the freedom of wide seas, endless skies and the luxurious and carefree coastal lifestyle. The woman wearing this fragrance loves traveling the world and all the beautiful things life has to offer. But she only feels truly grounded in the midst of nature and the elements. That's why L'ATELIERO Jasmine Dream is a wonderful fit for women who combine gentleness and strength and with whom life can be enjoyed in all its adventurous diversity. -> Click here for the perfume

Innocent Addiction is fruity, citrusy and yet very warm . The scent appears innocent, but quickly becomes addictive thanks to the perfectly balanced composition of notes such as bergamot, orange and patchouli. The perfume was created by us for women who may seem innocent at first glance, but whose playful nature hides a rebellious and captivating personality who gets exactly what they want. Women who wear L'ATELIERO Innocent Addiction are a magnet for attention with their inviting yet profound aura. -> Click here for the perfume

The currently most popular perfumes from L'ATELIERO for women

All of our women's fragrances have been developed by experienced perfumers to enhance different personalities. The creations are of course also based on current perfume trends. This makes our women's perfumes unique and exclusive. You can find the current best-selling perfumes in our shop.

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