Urban Leather - Lateliero Extrait de Parfum

Urban Leather

Extrait de Parfum for Men

Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

The Story

Trends? Limits? Rules? Only something for conformist men who have long since given up and take the path of least resistance. You, on the other hand, have always known that you only stand out from the faceless masses if you follow your own rules and tread new paths. Strength of character, willpower and determination are enough to guide you. You know what usually happens then: you attract the admiring glances of people who make room for you and look after you with fascination. Your sovereignty, your aura and your pulsating power have a magical effect. You know the envy of men, the desire of women. It feels good, even if only for a brief moment. Your aim is more than that. You are determined to do your thing and are not blinded by it. Because with all respect: freedom, character and a clear edge are your decisive coordinates. That’s how you live exceptionally. And that’s what it’s all about. Everything else is not an option.

The Fragrance

L’ATELIERO Urban Leather develops its power from an earthy and powerful base of leather, white musk and amber. This is initially harmonises with fine nuances of raspberry, cedar and sandalwood. After the first impression, the senses perceive a fine composition of jasmine, vanilla and rose, before balanced notes of wild herbs characteristically round off this fresh and natural fragrance. From the first spray, Urban Leather not only blends seamlessly into your style – the fragrance enhances your aura and is sure to open more than one door along your path.

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At L’ATELIERO, you’ll find perfumes that will impress you from the first spray. We have composed our fragrances to suit your lifestyle and to enhance your personality in all its wonderful facets. You will long for your scent from L’ATELIERO – as will the people you meet. You can indulge yourself in our fragrances, they wrap your soul like a gentle blanket of chilled silk. To make you feel good for as long as possible with our exclusive fragrance creations, they contain over 25% of the highest quality perfume oil. That’s why they can be called “Extrait De Parfum” – and you can enjoy their unique and irresistible character all day long. Discover your favourite fragrance now.