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Exclusive Fragrances for Him and Her

All L’ATELIERO fragrances are made with carefully selected ingredients. The composition of our perfume creations is based on how different fragrances are perceived by people and the emotions they evoke. Based on this, we create perfumes that radiate the most diverse personalities and lifestyles in their yearning power.

Which L’ATELIERO fragrance will you find yourself in?

Fragrances for Her

Are you the cute girl who turns everyone’s head? The confident queen who does what she wants? The cute playful one with the fascinating charisma? The widely travelled lady with a passion for the sea and luxury? Or the rebel who is addictive?

Fragrances for Him

Irresistible and a sparkling source of inspiring ideas? Are you provocative, charismatic and a charmer? A confident painter with his life as a canvas? Or a well-travelled explorer for whom losing is a foreign word?


All L’ATELIERO fragrances to try out

Are you still unsure which of our exclusive perfumes suits you best? Our fragrance samples will help you to decide.