Jasmine Dream - Lateliero Extrait de Parfum

Jasmine Dream

Extrait de Parfum for Women

Well travelled and with a faible for maritime luxury

The story

Is there anything more beautiful than letting your soul drift over the deep blue ocean? A drink in your hand and warm sand under your feet? Although you are at home anywhere in the world, it is only here that you will find peace and calm: on the coast, surrounded by the sea and a sophisticated, luxurious lifestyle. Thanks to your pleasantly gentle nature you can relax and unwind here – but your strength will soon lead you to new shores.

The fragrance

The unique feel-good blossoms of jasmine in L’ATELIERO Jasmine Dream act like an enchanting aphrodisiac. And the warm, woody cashmere notes gently embrace you so that you can let yourself fall in them. A true dream of a fragrance.

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At L’ATELIERO, you’ll find perfumes that will impress you from the first spray. We have composed our fragrances to suit your lifestyle and to enhance your personality in all its wonderful facets. You will long for your scent from L’ATELIERO – as will the people you meet. You can indulge yourself in our fragrances, they wrap your soul like a gentle blanket of chilled silk. To make you feel good for as long as possible with our exclusive fragrance creations, they contain over 25% of the highest quality perfume oil. That’s why they can be called “Extrait De Parfum” – and you can enjoy their unique and irresistible character all day long. Discover your favourite fragrance now.