lateliero clubby charming parfum

Clubby Charming

Extrait de Parfum



Sensual and Mysterious.

In the dim light of dawn, you awake to begin your adventure.

You are rebellious, your presence is fresh and wild. In search of great adventures, you evolve into a sensual and mysterious individual.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, it’s all about passion.

This perfume starts on your body with a kick of a fresh citrus lemonade and bubblegum scents, evolves powerfully with a blend of a delicious exotic fruit cocktail and finishes with sophisticated notes of wild musk and a hint of Tahitian vanilla. Clubby Charming is sensual and mysterious and gives you a fascinating aura.

A fantastic fragrance for all those who want to be out of the ordinary.

If you have already worn this wonderful fragrance, there is only one question left open: Who hasn’t approached you with enthusiasm when wearing this fragrance?!