The gift idea for Valentine’s Day:
Extrait de Parfum by L’ATELIERO.

With our scents for men and women, you can celebrate an unforgettable day of love.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Many people find it difficult to find the perfect romantic gesture or a truly unique gift. An exclusive and sophisticated perfume has always been a very special idea for the day of love: it is romantic, it comes from the heart and it has an effect that lasts long beyond the moment. When they apply the given fragrance, your loved one will remember you and the shared Valentine’s Day all year long. Because like no other stimulus, fragrances are closely linked to our memories. And so, with the right scent, you relive wonderful moments in your imagination – just as if they had just happened.

How to find the right perfume for Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day perfumes, there is no such thing as understatement. Women’s fragrances in particular are all about sensuality on this occasion. And a sensual fragrance can go in at least two directions: White florals like jasmine or sweet and seductive like vanilla. Jasmine is one of nature’s most seductive scents – just walk past a jasmine bush in full bloom once and you’ll understand what we mean. Vanilla, on the other hand, evokes sweet memories of confectionery and carefree, childlike pleasures.
But even with men’s fragrances, now is not necessarily the moment for casual scents. Rather, warm and characterful aromas such as leather and amber or more maritime and bitter notes such as laurel, orange or lemon are appropriate for the special moment.

With four questions to choose your individual Valentine’s Day perfume

Once you’ve decided to give an Extrait de Parfum by L’ATELIERO as a gift, you’ll need to pay close attention to your loved one:

  • What are his/her preferences?
  • What fragrances does s/he like to wear?
  • Does s/he prefer a daytime scent or an evening scent?
  • And above all – what exactly makes your partner your favourite person?

If you have found answers to these questions, that is already the greatest gift you can give to another person: You have thought about him or her. And that is exactly what is so wonderful about a perfume for Valentine’s Day: it is a symbol and the result of this thoughtful preparatory work into which you have put a lot of time and love.

Which perfume are women happy to receive on Valentine’s Day?

Every year at the beginning of February, millions of men around the world ask themselves this question: “What do I give my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?” Flowers are one option. But after a week, all that is often left of the floral splendour is a faded bouquet. Chocolates? They don’t last much longer – including a heavy conscience when looking at your bikini figure. And jewellery? Often beyond the budget when it comes to choosing really tasteful pieces. A perfume, on the other hand, is an affordable luxury, highly individual and brings the wearer pleasure again and again for months.

Our absolute recommendation for women who like to wear floral-sweet fragrances is L’ATELIERO Belle Mademoiselle.

Light sweet vanilla notes are the dominant characteristic of this perfume. Discreet memories of candy floss and marshmallows come to mind. Refreshing lemongrass blends into the sweetness as an elegant contrast, before praline and pear, a second pair of scents related in character, round off this composition. And the ultimate touch that makes Belle Mademoiselle a unique experience is the floral note of iris – truly a sparkling rounding off of this feminine perfume! L’ATELIERO Belle Mademoiselle unfolds its effect harmoniously on women who enjoy life and captivate those around them with their charisma.

Lovers of floral perfumes won’t get enough of L’ATELIERO Furry Attraction.

L’ATELIERO Furry Attraction is as light as a powder and has a warm, elegant yet seductive scent. Its floral aromas of peony and spring-fresh freesia harmonise elegantly with fruity lychee, giving this perfume a first-class radiance and irresistible freshness. The gift for elegant and seductive women who enjoy being the centre of attention.

Your sweetheart likes to wear a refreshing perfume? Then L’ATELIERO Innocent Addiction is our recommendation.

The overture of L’ATELIERO Innocent Addiction is a lively orange breeze. The senses are awake and ready for floating sensual notes of jasmine and rose before the timeless elegance of patchouli and the exotic freshness of vetiver give the perfume body and character. Women who hide their inner rebel behind a façade of innocence will not be able to resist the desire of this perfume.

These are the perfumes men love to get as a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Just like women, men are also happy to receive gifts on Valentine’s Day. And you certainly know best what type your loved one is – so it’s not difficult to find the right perfume for him. And why not choose a fragrance that you would love to smell on him? At L’ATELIERO, we have developed fragrances to suit every male personality: sportsman or rebel? Charismatic pioneer or true go-getter? You are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our selection of perfumes for men.

L’ATELIERO The One: For sporty, confident men.

On a base of breathtaking maritime notes, you first sense fresh and lightly floral jasmine. Warm notes such as patchouli and guaia wood provide the necessary contrast and give L’ATELIERO The One a seductive character and long-lasting presence. Ideal for men who are both confident and successful as well as likeable and charming.

L’ATELIERO Urban Leather: For a rebellious man who follows his own rules.

The name of this perfume for men already gives it away: the defining note of L’ATELIERO Urban Leather is the earthy, warm charm of fine leather, followed by white musk and amber. This is initially harmonised with fine nuances of raspberry, cedar and sandalwood. Nuances of jasmine and vanilla as well as bitter wild herbs round off this fragrance for men who only find fulfilment when they can go their own way.

L’ATELIERO Le Provocateur: The fragrance for charmers and seducers.

This men’s perfume impressively inspires at first with finely balanced notes of cinnamon and tonka bean. But this is only the base. Then L’ATELIERO Le Provocateur unfolds its inimitable freshness of mandarin, mint and grapefruit. Leather, amber and rose blend harmoniously and round off this provocatively charming composition. Men who know about their seductive effect on other people will love this perfume.

Five reasons why perfumes are the best gift for Valentine’s Day.

There are many good reasons why perfumes make a great gift. We’ll save you some time and list the five most compelling ones here.

1. Perfumes are versatile.

Apart from being applied to pulse points or clothing, perfumes can also be used to give a particularly passionate touch to the bedroom or favourite places in one’s home.

2. Perfumes awaken emotions.

Perfumes are an sentimental gift. When you present a bottle filled with an individual fragrance on Valentine’s Day, you show that you have put a lot of thought into who the person receiving it is and what they might like. There is hardly any other gift that contains so much loving thought.

3. A perfume reveals new worlds.

Perfumes are a great way to take an immersive journey into unknown and exciting facets of one’s personality. This makes them a wonderful gift for people who rarely wrap themselves in a veil of fine fragrances. In addition, with a perfume you can also show a person what emotions and feelings they evoke in you.

4. Giving perfume as a gift is an affordable luxury.

When giving a perfume as a gift, it is not important to show the other person what you can afford. Rather, it is about proving to a person how dear they are to you with a scentful gift. After all, it’s not the price that counts, but your love and care that goes into this gift.

5. A perfume only develops its enchanting power when it is worn.

L’ATELIERO’s Extraits de Parfum are developed by our expert perfumers to both reflect and enhance specific personalities. And when you perceive the first aromas on the bottle, you will sense what we mean. The real spectacle, however, begins when the fragrance enters into harmony with the wearer’s body odour. You will be immersed in a world of fragrances that awakens desire and that you cannot escape.

All L’ATELIERO fragrances to try out

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