What perfume from L’ATELIERO do women like?

L’ATELIERO’s women’s fragrances emphasize different characters of women and are designed to highlight lifestyles and daily situations. All of our compositions are particularly suitable for women, but every woman is different and so our fragrances are also designed to highlight different personalities. The mixture of your own body scent with our fragrances gives the special personal touch.

Perfumes for women and their characters

Belle Mademoiselle is a warm-sensual-sweet perfume with notes of vanilla, praline and pear. This exclusive and intense fragrance from the L’ATELIERO collection, presents the young sweet girl who will turn heads on the streets with a beautiful pink dress and light make-up. The woman who wears this fragrance is free, happy and thinks: life is there to be enjoyed. -> Discover the Perfume

Furry Attraction seduces with fruity and floral notes such as lychee, roses and freesia. This perfume is the soul of the party, which does not remain unnoticed. The woman who wears this fragrance always has her enchanting smile on her face and her numerous friends love her and her great lifestyle. -> Discover the Perfume

The Queen enchants with its warm, sensual, oriental notes, a composition of raspberry, jasmine and honey, which makes this perfume something special. This perfume is confident, irresistible and beautiful. As the name suggests, the woman who wears this perfume feels like a queen. She dares to do everything she wants, she doesn’t follow anyone. -> Discover the Perfume

Jasmine Dream is a beautiful, blue, warm and floral fragrance, which is underlined by notes of jasmine, wood and amber. The perfume radiates the freedom of sea and sky and luxurious coastal lifestyle. The woman who wears this fragrance loves nature, travelling the world and enjoying all the beautiful things life has to offer. Its gentleness and strength at the same time, its lightness and calm nature make it a very pleasant companion with whom to enjoy life. -> Discover the Perfume

Innocent Addiction is fruity, citric and yet very warm. The fragrance appears innocent but is very addictive due to the perfect and balanced composition of notes like bergamot, orange and patchouli. Behind her innocent appearance, her playful nature and her charming humor hides a rebellious and captivating woman who gets exactly what she wants, especially the attention she deserves. Men become addicted to her, they love her passion and innocence at the same time. -> Discover the Perfume

The most popular perfumes from L’ATELIERO for women

All our women’s fragrances have been developed according to different personalities but also perfume trends, this makes our women’s perfumes unique and trendy.