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What perfume from L’ATELIERO do men like?

What Perfume do Men like?

L’ATELIERO’s men’s fragrances highlight different male characters and are designed to represent lifestyles, goals and daily situations. All of our fragrances are particularly suitable for men, but every man is different and so our fragrances are also designed to reflect different personalities.

Perfumes for men and their characters


Irresistible Man is a woody-herbal fragrance for men, enhanced by cardamom, mint and the warmth of lavender. This fragrance is fresh and radiates a personality full of ideas and drive. People see it as a source of inspiration for a good life. The man who wears this fragrance is fresh, sensual and very masculine. -> Discover the Perfume

Le Provocateur - Parfüm

Le Provocateur is a warm, oriental and provocative men’s fragrance, with notes of cinnamon, amber and leather for a powerful statement. This fragrance tells the story of a charming, handsome, seductive and charismatic man. Everywhere he goes, women always look for him, he is a temptation. -> Discover the Perfume

The One Parfum

The One is a citrusy-sweet men’s fragrance, which, with fresh sea notes, enhanced by citrus and green warm notes, brings breathtaking freshness and radiates pure sensuality. It is a fragrance of the absolutely self-confident man, who is celebrated by everyone like a hero. -> Discover the Perfume

Clubby Charming - Parfüm

Clubby Charming convinces as a woody-herb-citric fragrance for men with that certain extra spice. Szechuan pepper, bergamot and aniseed are the secret ingredients for this rebellious hero, whose presence is fresh and wild. The fragrance begins fresh, develops powerfully and ends with noble notes that are sensual and mysterious, giving a fascinating aura. -> Discover the Perfume

Office Day - Parfüm

Office Day is the office fragrance for men, which is particularly suitable for everyday office life with its flowery fruity notes of plum, oakmoss and apple. The fragrance radiates a leadership personality that is timeless and successful. The man who wears this perfume is driven by enthusiasm and quick success. He is balanced, quick in making decisions and is appreciated by everyone. -> Discover the Perfume

Victorious - Parfüm

Victorious is a winner’s fragrance that radiates an explorer’s personality with its fruity and herbal notes of musk, pineapple and birch. This fragrance tells the story of journeying through the world, of conquests and of new things to be discovered and created. With his inner strength and manhood, the wearer always looks forward to the great tasks that lie ahead and need to be accomplished. The victory is what he seeks, the victory is him. -> Discover the Perfume

The most popular perfumes from L’ATELIERO for women

All of our men’s fragrances have been developed according to different personalities but also perfume trends, this makes our men’s fragrances unique and trendy. The current bestseller perfumes are visible in our store.

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