The differences between Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Extrait de Parfum

In the fragrance world, a distinction is made between niche perfumes and luxury perfumes based on the concentration ratio of water, alcohol and fragrance oils. The difference between the proportions determines how long the fragrance lasts and how intense it is, as well as how the different scents are perceived by the person wearing it and the people around them.

Extrait de Parfum

Extrait de Parfum and Essence de Parfum is the highest level of quality and fragrance concentration available on the market. The fragrance concentration from at least 20% is the highest and therefore particularly intense and long lasting. The nose is of strong, harmonious and rich in consistency. At L’ATELIERO, we offer our fragrances in a concentration of over 22%, with some L’ATELIERO perfumes containing over 26% perfume oil. This concentration of perfume oil is found in both niche brands and luxury brands.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum positions itself as less intense than the Extrait de Parfum. The fragrance concentration of eau de parfum is about 14% in most cases, but there are exceptions where the concentration can reach 17%. The intensity and duration of the perception of eau de Parfum fragrances is about average. This type of perfume can be found in the more expensive segment of well-known brands.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette is very soft, the focus is on the top notes of the fragrance and the initial perception of the fragrance after its application. Top notes are fresh and give a great experience to our olfactory senses immediately after application, but they are not long lasting and the intensity diminishes quickly. With a fragrance concentration of up to 10%, Eau de Toilette is a cheaper alternative to Eau de Parfum or Extrait de Parfum of same perfume.

Eau de Cologne

The eau de cologne is very fresh and this type of fragrance is characterized by a strong emphasis on the light citrus or orange notes. The life of the fragrance after spraying is very short and is rather seen as a short refreshment. With Eau de Cologne the concentration of fragrance oils is a mere 5% at most.

Why our fragrances are Extrait de Parfum

When we developed our fragrances according to certain lifestyles, the big question was how intense and how long the perfumes should last. It is always a special pleasure to perceive perfumes you love more than once during the day. When you talk about Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, the joy is only short-lived. A better alternative in this case was Eau de Parfum, but we soon found out that it was not enough. That’s why we quickly decided to use Extrait de Parfum, in perfume oil concentrations that best suit our various fragrances. Our perfumes are long lasting, radiant and intense.

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